The Founder

Hi Everyone! I'm Kimmy, the founder of Refill Kindly.

When I was a very young girl my parents always taught me to care for and protect our planet. We spent much of my youth playing in the sand by the lake and soaking up the sun. We would pick up trash and collect cans to recycle. I had a rude awakening as I got older. I noticed that it was becoming more and more difficult to reduce the amount of waste I was producing as the single use plastic industry was becoming more and more the norm. I learned of climate change and the pacific garbage patch and decided enough was enough. 

I have been practicing a zero waste lifestyle for a few years now. I started by refusing one single use straw at a time and eventually built an entire zero waste kit! 

Living truly zero waste is a struggle. As consumers, we aren't really provided with a way to reuse what we already have. Most everything we buy ends up piling up in landfills or making it's way to the ocean. I figure, instead of participating in this any longer why don't I do something about it! Welcome to Refill Kindly. Now, I can help you refill instead of landfill!

Hear me share about my zero waste journey on Life Goals Podcast.