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Covid-19 Update

Until we can return to the Encino Farmer's Market, we are offering FREE no contact deliveries of all products and refills anywhere in the San Fernando Valley, CA. 

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Free San Fernando Valley Deliveries

All products can be bottled in reusable containers and delivered to your front door step. We'll swap'em out when it's time for a refill. Milk man style!

Local Refills

What's On Tap

Here is what you can refill with us. Order online today or click on local refills to set up a free no contact local delivery. 


Refillable Organic Soy Candle

This candle is very special. Not only is it handmade out of organic soy in an up-cycled jar. It will be re-made into a candle over and over!

Refillable Candle
Only one year ago kimmy was just a girl trying to create less waste. Hear her story on podcast #lifegoals and here all about her #zerowaste journey and stay tuned for her next guest spot all about #refillkindly!


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you wish to see in the world.


Join the refill revolution with Refill Kindly, I love the lavender coconut lotion.

Maribel Gates

This is an amazing zero waste opportunity to prevent the amount of waste that is sent off to land fills. Love this 🥰

Corttney Marshall

The lemongrass hand sanitizer smells heavenly and the best part is that you are promoting zero waste! It's a win win!

Angela Mastanuono